Who We Are

Angelique and Michelle some years back
Angelique and Michelle, some years back.

The friendship that would turn out to last for nearly two decades to date started as something completely different. A rivalry between two people on incongruous paths with polar opposite personalities. One outgoing and rebellious, the other withdrawn and compliant. Somewhere between adolescence and adulthood, we came to be life-long friends, an inseparable pair untouched by distance or time.

As with anyone else, we have met with challenges great and small, suffered defeats and celebrated triumphs, known despair and jubilation. We have been built by life, one brick at a time, and we have been torn down and renovated.

The concept of The Content Life was born when we realized that we both had an unshakable desire to share our stories with others. The goal is for the stories to reach into the heart of the reader and set in motion a shift in mindset, from powerless to empowered.

We want to help. We want to show people that there is a better life waiting for them and they can advance at any time. All that is needed is the right mindset, and a genuine desire to overcome whatever obstacle stands in the way.