Was it fate?

How we met, I have known my husband now for almost plus minus 11 years. I met him through a really good friend of mine. Nope it's not what you think. They were actually sort of dating at the time. Eyes rolling.... He didn't impress me much and it was not love at first site… Continue reading Was it fate?

Goals vs Conformity

If you think back to when you were a kid can you remember the dreams you had for your life? Can you remember what you wanted to become, what you wanted to achieve? Are you able to recall a time when you got so caught up in daydreams living yourself into a life that didn't… Continue reading Goals vs Conformity

Social Media Escapism

Illustration by Steve Cutts - go check him out.Steve Cutts Blog You've probably heard before about the unhealthy attachment we've all developed with our mobile phones, but how seriously have you considered the effect it has on daily life? We're continually checking our email, our app notifications (god knows there's so bloody many), and we… Continue reading Social Media Escapism