When women support each other…

The past weekend I had the privelege to meet extraordinary women. Women who is doing great work in our community. I've learned that no matter who we are and what we do we all have a story. No one is living the "perfect" life! There is so much we have to offer each other. I… Continue reading When women support each other…

Expect the unexpected.

Being a mother is probaly one of the most awarding things we as women, get to experience. Realising there is a baby inside of you, seeing your body change to accommodate your baby is an absolute miracle. We get to know what it feels like to have a living small human growing inside of us.… Continue reading Expect the unexpected.

Laying down a solid foundation.

We as parents have responsibilities towards our children. We read about what to feed them, how to discipline them, we do research to make sure they go to great schools, we do everything to ensure we set them up for success. As parents we also know that life can be challenging and that smooth sailing,… Continue reading Laying down a solid foundation.

The Influencers of Change

In my previous blog, Tiny Habits for Change, I talked about making a small change in your evening and morning routine that will help set the tone for achievement each day. This blog will elaborate a bit more on how you can take control of internal and external factors that might be getting in your… Continue reading The Influencers of Change

Die pad na self respek

Self respek... Die verleidelike vraag steek so nou en dan in my kop vas. Dit is so maklik om in die strik te trap. Dis n konstante herinnering van my verlede en al my mislukkings. Dit is n lokval! Self twyfel... jy kom soos n dief in die nag en betrap my altyd ontkant. Jy… Continue reading Die pad na self respek

You are not in control

After many hours of reading and audiobooks, I finally started getting a handle on why I feel so out of control in my mind and life. It's because I genuinely am. It's challenging to keep track of all the information provided in these books, so I started mind-mapping the concepts. Not only did this help… Continue reading You are not in control