Expect the unexpected.

Being a mother is probaly one of the most awarding things we as women, get to experience. Realising there is a baby inside of you, seeing your body change to accommodate your baby is an absolute miracle. We get to know what it feels like to have a living small human growing inside of us.… Continue reading Expect the unexpected.

The Rat Race

We are all so conformed by this way of life. Always racing through life... From the moment we open our eyes each day, we race to get the kids ready for school, we race to get to work, we race to get 10 days of work done in 1 day, we race to take the… Continue reading The Rat Race

Teacher vs Mother

Motherhood Of all the things I aspire to become and all the things I have already achieved... motherhood is my absolute favourite! I believe in being there for my children and spending time with them! Surely I experience moments when they drive me to the point of insanity... which mother does not? But I love… Continue reading Teacher vs Mother