The Influencers of Change

In my previous blog, Tiny Habits for Change, I talked about making a small change in your evening and morning routine that will help set the tone for achievement each day. This blog will elaborate a bit more on how you can take control of internal and external factors that might be getting in your… Continue reading The Influencers of Change

The 3 Stages of Habits

What is a habit? When I think of the word "habit," I think of an automatic action that does not demand conscious thought. Like getting up in the morning and switching on the kettle to make coffee. Scientists who study the concept define 3 separate stages that make up a habit. And let me tell… Continue reading The 3 Stages of Habits

The It, The I, and The Judge walk into a bar…

The founding father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, wrote an essay in the 1920s where he hypothesized that the human personality can be divided into three separate but interconnected facets; the id, the ego, and the super-ego. Each has it's part to play in making you who you are, and it's quite fascinating to read how… Continue reading The It, The I, and The Judge walk into a bar…

Social Media Escapism

Illustration by Steve Cutts - go check him out.Steve Cutts Blog You've probably heard before about the unhealthy attachment we've all developed with our mobile phones, but how seriously have you considered the effect it has on daily life? We're continually checking our email, our app notifications (god knows there's so bloody many), and we… Continue reading Social Media Escapism

You are not in control

After many hours of reading and audiobooks, I finally started getting a handle on why I feel so out of control in my mind and life. It's because I genuinely am. It's challenging to keep track of all the information provided in these books, so I started mind-mapping the concepts. Not only did this help… Continue reading You are not in control

Do I know you?

Over the past few months, I've been wrestling to find the answers to a few very basic questions. Most people probably have all of this figured out for themselves by the time they leave school. Me, however, I can honestly say I have never even remotely known the answers to any of these questions. Ever.… Continue reading Do I know you?