The Journey Begins

You work so hard to reach a level of success that somehow always manages to be just out of reach. You feel disappointed by the small victories because “why can’t I just get my big break?” Success seems so easily achieved by others, yet here you are working your fingers to the bone with little to nothing to show for it. You finally admit to yourself that you are not good enough. You don’t have what it takes to make something worthwhile out of your life, of yourself. You are a victim of circumstance. There is always something standing between you and your dream of being successful. To add to the insurmountable pressure, I’m here to tell you that you’ve been living a lie.

In all your years of chasing after the ever-elusive idea of success, have you ever taken the time to sit and accurately define what success means to you? Not the version described by your friends, family, the media, or society. If you set aside all the expectations imposed on you by everyone else, what would you be left with as a definition of real success and happiness in your life? Do the views of the world align with your hopes and aspirations? If they do, then great for you. But it is most likely that the two will wildly differ. Now that you can see the differences between what others want for (or from) you and what you want for yourself, can you see that you’ve been running down the wrong avenues? Hunting after an ideal that is not yours to hold. It is when you do not have a proper definition of what personal success is to you that you end up spending your entire life trying to build on a dream that does not speak to your soul. And when your soul is not on set on fire, no amount of willpower will get you to the other side.

For this reason, I believe the very first step taken towards success should be made on the path to awareness. A personal journey to gain insight into your innate desires, untainted by the expectations of others, will lead you to uncover the true purpose behind your life. Nobody else can tell you what that purpose is. There are so many things you will need to question and so many more you will need to forget, and in when you reach the summit of this peak, you will have a clear vision to see what lays ahead for you on your expedition toward success.

Ready yourself to have your beliefs questioned, your biases challenged, your mind called to order, and your body put to action. As we embark on this journey together, you will learn how to get to know yourself. You will need to make good friends with yourself because the battle that comes after cannot be fought alone.


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