Expect the unexpected.

Being a mother is probaly one of the most awarding things we as women, get to experience. Realising there is a baby inside of you, seeing your body change to accommodate your baby is an absolute miracle. We get to know what it feels like to have a living small human growing inside of us. It gives life, a diffrent meaning.

But just as special all these little moments can be, like feeling your baby kick for the first time, holding your baby for the first time, seeing them crawl, walk and talk for the first time…. then life happens. And when life happens you can always expect the unexpected.

My eldest daughter Michaela is 10 years old, and my son Erich is 6 years old. I thought I had it all figured out and that being a mother was not going to be so hard. I expected everything in my life was going be perfect.

Just like in all the fairytales, I grew up watching over and over again. Girl falls inlove with boy, boy marries girl, girl has baby and they all lived happily ever after.

While this is possible, being a parent takes a lot of responsibility and commitment. It was not until we became foster parents, when we were faced with all difficult and huge obstacles of parenting and adapting to our new household.

Suddenly taking care of 2 children turned into taking care of 4 children. Me and my husband worked really hard and when we got home it would seem like nothing was going to plan.

We watched our family spin out of control. People looking from the outside in didn’t understand what we were going through and we had no support system.

Parenting and being a mother was hard. Giving them all the attention and trying to be good parents emotionally drained us. Somedays are better than other days but our house was created of chaos and nothing we did seemed to help.

Here is a few simple tips I implemented in my life getting rid of some the chaos

1. Plan ahead. Planning their outfits for the next day, helped me save time when getting them ready for school or acivities. Planning ahead also gives you as the parent more control over a situation.

2. Time management. I am a full time working mom, I have to get a lot done in the shortest amount of time. Therefore I do certain activities and homework in the car while we wait as I take the kids to activities. We use every minute we have during the day wisely.

3. Create reminders. I am a mother of 4, I tend to forget important events and dates and then usually feel terrible. So I started to plan ahead using time management. I set reminders of important events and dates on my calendar and on the day it will remind me of the event.

Being parents is a privelege. Always just give your best it will be good enough! When you feel under pressure take a step back. Stay calm and take the time you need, but then get a routine and plan into place. Just by doing this you will feel more in control and handle every situation better and save more time.



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