Change the pressure to purpose!

Like boiling water in a kettle on the stove…. Urgghhh! the pressure of life…. always there to remind us what we lack in life. The pressure to have the lifestyle the world approves of. The pressure to be what others expects you to be in life. Always comparing our self and our earthly possessions with those of friends and family. Then getting lost in the belief that we will not be able to experience it ourselves.

We all have a different timeline. The doors opening for a friend might not open for you at the same time or might not open at all. Maybe there is more behind your door, maybe your door is worth waiting for. We are taught that we should be successful. Being successful is not the problem at all! The problem is, most people have the wrong impression of what it means to be successful.

Getting caught up in a meaningless way of life, running after jobs, partners, friends, money and possessions for all the wrong reasons. It happens to the best of us. It even happend to me. Growing up money was one of the things we lacked the most. This impacted my life so much that it was sort of my motivation to become independant and successful.

I only had one thing on my mind, money and how to get more of it! This did not only put strain on my self care, but also my relationship with my children and my relationship with my fiancè (at that time), my now husband. I worked long and late hours and when I was home, I was exhausted.

In my mind this young, naive little girl thought she had it all figured out! Most of our closest friends at this point in my life were 5 years older than me and have accomplished more, so comparing my life to theirs was what I did. I was left feeling, miserable! I got depressed and soon chasing after money and earthly things left me feeling empty.

It was so easy getting caught up, and stressing about money when, everyone around you we’re doing it as well. The stress that came with chasing money was overwhelming and left me broken. I was at the edge of losing everything that mattered MOST. I have learned that stressing about money won’t make a positive difference in your daily life, it is an unhealthy road that will lead to nowhere.

As at today money still remains the number one cause of stress in the world. The word money it self stirs up mixed emotions, and feelings just by mentioning it. Money, I don’t think people will ever settle for having just enough. Nope, they will always want more and more.

Either way we give money so much power over our lives that it can have a direct impact on our stress levels, health and happiness. Money is the root of all evil. It will destroy you if you let it.

Through my experience, I know now that chasing after carreers with the goal to make money is pointless. If you put money above all else you’ll end up unhappy and unsatisfied. Life is all about balance.

Take all your energy and chase your dreams. The fufillment of accomplishments while doing something you love, will empower you and motivate you to live a life, with true meaning and worthiness!

We need money to survive, but we also need family, love, dreams, happiness and passion to live a happy life. Do what makes you happy or at least have a plan to make your dream a reality.

Life is short do not waste time with chasing after nothing. Rather focus on what matters most! It was only when we started living a life where God was the center in our lifes that we could start living with complete faith. Trusting what God has in store for us is more than we could think, ask or pray for!

Don’t live a pressured life.

Live a PURPOSED life.



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