The Demon’s Demise

Frivolous actions –

Deeds of self-doubt

Churning below –

A demon awaits

The instant you falter –

It ceases its chance

Ripping your flesh –

Claws like ice

With pungent breath –

The smell of decay

It nears your ear –

And proceeds to say

“I am your creation

Your innermost fear

All that leaves you in terror

That feasts at your core

Nothing can bring you together

Now you are my whore.”

Weak, you wallow –

Surrender control

Impotent being –

A sorry excuse

The shell that you wear –

Solid as stone

Hidden beneath –

Crimson the wounds

Your moment has come –

The fallacies fade

Within you, in essence –

Maker of worlds

Take up the dagger –

Behead the beast

Now you are free –

At least until soon

The demon will rise –

From ashes and fear

Again your will fight –

You must persevere

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