Female Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing – Extracted Parts Of The Phenomenal Woman Luncheon Speech

Let’s start at the beginning.

Previous industrial revolutions liberated humankind it made mass production possible and brought digital capabilities to the world. Professor Klaus Schwab Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum is convinced that we are at the beginning of yet another revolution.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is all about a range of new technology never experienced before. It is bigger and quite different from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd revolution. It is about combining the physical, digital and biological elements together. Bringing change and impacting the economy, as well as challenging human existence as we know it.

Industrial 4.0 will improve the efficiency of businesses and organizations as well as try to undo what the previous revolutions has done to our planet. The question is, is your business able and willing to adapt to these new technologies? The digital future is already happening all around us. If your business is not on a digital platform yet you are missing out!

We as female business entrepreneurs should acknowledge the future changes in technology and therefor implement digital marketing strategies in our business and equip ourselves with digital knowledge. Female empowerment is about recreating what it is we can be, do and accomplish in circumstances that we were previously denied of.

We are emotional creations and therefore we are passionately driven to achieve all our dreams. But to accomplish business success we need to have reachable goals set out in front of us. To prevent you from being all over the place and feeling overwhelmed.

We are all worthy to make our dreams a reality. I want to tell you today forget about the nay-sayers!

If you have a deep desire and passion for something in your life it is not random it is your calling!

We all have the power to help each other be successful!

Digital marketing is more than just advertising and getting likes and shares on facebook. It is about creating a platform where you can engage and build lasting relationships with your customers one by one. The most important key to digital marketing is getting consumers to engage in your ads and posts which will allow you to communicate with them and have conversation while gaining their trust.

Connecting with customers on a personal level will help build and maintain lasting relationships. Digital Marketing is the best way to promote brand awareness and be noticed in a crowd. It also drives traffic to your website and boosts sales and produce business growth.

Digital marketing is time consuming do not hesitate to ask for help. Contracting out this part of your business to a digital marketing consultant or agency like the service we offer at The Content Life will give you more time focussing on your product or service you offer.

To get the Digital Marketing Worksheet with the S.M.A.R.T goal system send a request to info@thecontentlife.net – Do not miss out on this free offer for the month of August 2019.

Being a female entrepreneur is hard work and takes true commitment. Give yourselves a hand for making it this far!



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