Creativity – The Doorway

The impact that creativity has had on my life since I started embracing it is astonishing. I distinctly remember my views about “the arts” when I was still in school; “What a waste of time. This isn’t teaching us anything useful”. Present-me is laughing hysterically at highschool-me right now.

Creativity comes in many shapes and sizes, but its essence stays the same. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then creativity is the doorway; The space between the outside world and your interpretation thereof. Most people claim to have no creativity or imagination, and to that, I say “bullshit”. I believe that each and every person has it within themselves to be creative, it’s just a matter of changing your point of view and preconception around creativity. If you are one of these people who believe themselves to be void of creativity, go to the mirror right now, look yourself sternly in the eyes, and tell yourself “bullshit”!

Art, which is the product of creativity, is completely subjective. Nobody can judge it to be good or terrible; Even though people do express their opinions about it this does not define the art. That being said, art only fulfills it’s lifecycle when appreciated. Be that by the creator or an audience of admiring fans or harsh critics.

There are so many mediums of artistic expression and most of us only try a handful, and mostly because we are forced to in school. I was so hell-bent on avoiding it in any which way I could; all the painting and crafting and projects… It’s only now much later in life that I have come to realize the power artistic expression has to free the mind. It feels like opening a faucet to allow all the pressure that has built up to just flow away. Sure it does not solve your problems but it gives your mind space to reassess and that arms you with new weapons to go forth and slay the giant.

For me, it’s photography, and most recently, writing. I’m pretty new to this, as you can probably tell. For years I’ve had this craving to be able to create, I’ve never been sure what I wanted to create though and I’m pretty convinced that I’m still not there yet. But with these two forms of artistic expression, I’ve allowed myself to grow as a person. It seems stupid to think that taking photographs can have any impact on your life (unless you’re earning big bucks doing so), but the freedom that comes from being in control of the outcome is liberating. Following the process and deciding for yourself where you want to take it because for this one thing it’s only your desires that are weighed in.

Try different things, see what makes your soul sing. Visual arts, literary arts, musical… You are the only limiter. Open yourself up to the possibilities, and don’t be afraid of judgment; Other’s judgments on your art do not matter, you are doing this for yourself.

Go. Go find yourself.



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