The Influencers of Change

In my previous blog, Tiny Habits for Change, I talked about making a small change in your evening and morning routine that will help set the tone for achievement each day. This blog will elaborate a bit more on how you can take control of internal and external factors that might be getting in your way. This blog also ties into The 3 Stages of Habits that investigates the anatomy of habit formation.

Everyone at some point in their life will feel the need to make a change; Be it a change in lifestyle or an adjustment to the inner self. The fact is that change is not easy as our brains have been biologically engineered to feel discomfort in the face of change; a survival mechanism stemming from our primal ancestors. When you introduce a major change in your habits or way of life, your brain reacts with great resistance. Willpower alone will not always be able to get you through to the other side. It is for this reason that I believe in the concept of making small changes that eventually snowball into major results.

For the most part, people feel discouraged and eventually give up when they do not get the results they set out to achieve, or they could simply not try to make any changes to get to the desired result because they believe their life, behaviours, and circumstances are set in stone. I’m here to encourage you to not fall into this trap. Read on and learn about some additional aspects you might not have considered yet.

There are six influencing factors at play which are controlling the rhythm of change in your life. If you can understand each of these influencers, you can begin to mold them to be more conducive to the change and results you ultimately wish to achieve.

Influencers of Change

Most of the literature focuses on the personal aspects; mindset, willpower, goal setting, etc. So if you tried and failed before here is perhaps the reason why, and the how-to you will need to turn those goals into achievements. Rewrite your action plan to include steps that bring each of the personal, social, and structural elements over to play on your team.

Cleanse your environment from distractors and inhibitors, and add things that will make your desired behaviour easier.

Surround yourself with people who genuinely support you, and have a mentor you can turn to for advice.

Have your mind in the right place, and empower yourself however required by the task at hand.



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