Was it fate?

How we met,

I have known my husband now for almost plus minus 11 years. I met him through a really good friend of mine. Nope it’s not what you think. They were actually sort of dating at the time. Eyes rolling…. He didn’t impress me much and it was not love at first site for either of us. I did not see him again after meeting him that day as the dating between him and my friend did not turn into anything serious.

I thought he was so arrogant and I did not really like him. Two years passed and we met again one night at a bar. I know right… not so romantic. As I passed him on my way in, he stopped me and asked are you, Michelle? I could not place him right away but soon “clicked” who he was, as I’m great with names and faces. At that time I was into another guy and did not even notice anyone else.

The number exchange…

We then started bumping into each other about 2 tot 3 times a week. After a few times of seeing each other at parties he asked for my number… I was young and inlove with this other guy and for one stupid reason or another gave him my mother’s number I know right…. not the best idea. So after about a week, I got home one day and my mother gave me his number and said a guy had phoned and was looking for me…

I was lost in unbelief, I mean the guy actually called me! Let’s just say guys was always more interested in my friends than myself. The funny thing is, it was not that he was numb in the knees for me. I was just one of many other girls. So what was I to do… phone gim back or ignore?

Date or no date?

After me and my friend had a few laughs about it… I decided to phone him back. Little did I know this man was going to break my heart and one day put all the pieces together again.

Ring, ring, ring, ring, he answered, we talked and then he asked me out on our very first date. Very excited as every young girl would be I began planning my outfit… getting ready for a date can be super stressful. I remember waiting for him to pick me up… It was the perfect scene towards the end of a romantic movie. It was pouring outside. Unfortunately the boy did not show and there I was waiting for the knight in shining armor who never showed… I was stood up… The excuse was; while on his way he drove through a big puddle of water and it caused his car’s engine to get wet. He couldn’t get his car started. And had to tow his car.

I was so furious my ears almost caught on fire. Of course I did not believe his excuse for one second. Why call me and ask me out on a date when you plan to not even show up? Well turns out 1 year later I would get to experience it myself. We started dating and about 3 months into our relationship the exact same thing happend. Jip… he was telling the truth after all.

First date!

After all that happend we still got our first date… it was quite romantic. Mountain, top and city lights…

At that point in life… he was leaving town to go and study and the timing for a serious relationship was just not right. Life happend. And without knowing it at the time we would be connected forever…

My point…

Although the odds was stacked up against us our relationship survived alot of heartache and disappointment. It took alot of self improvement, love and respect to conquer it all. We had many obstacles in our way. Sometimes it just feel like nothing is going as planned, but if you look back on your life you can see the plan was perfect.

Life has either tried it’s utmost hardest to keep us apart or fate really tried it’s utmost best to bring us together.

Sometimes in life everything does not go according to plan or how you pictured in your head. Life is hard and life is real. We feel pain and hurt with the same heart we feel love and passion.

Was it fate?

We have been together for 9 years, married for 2 years of that 9 years. We share 2 beautiful children and foster 2 beautiful girls, our life is anything BUT perfect, we have our fights, we have ups and downs, our life is very real and I am proud to say that we have come so far!

Life does not have to be perfect for you to have a happy ending. Sometimes you’ll be disappointed or everything you’d hoped for and planned for will fall to pieces. We all made plans of how our lives will turn out. Don’t be discouraged if your life took a different road, it’s the journey of how we got to where we are that tells the story of where we came from.



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