Goals vs Conformity

If you think back to when you were a kid can you remember the dreams you had for your life? Can you remember what you wanted to become, what you wanted to achieve? Are you able to recall a time when you got so caught up in daydreams living yourself into a life that didn’t exist? Can you remember the goals you set for yourself; those things you would achieve when you finally gained your independence? If you’re anything like me, looking back and thinking of these goals and dreams you had for your life as a child, you’d see that these dreams and goals were absolutely out-of-this-world crazy.

Here’s the problem: We’ve been taught to believe that these things are not achievable, not realistic and out of our grasp. We’ve been taught to be complacent, to accept what we have and not want more. As children we’re taught that we should aspire to be great things; to do great things. We are told that we can become anything and then somewhere along the way as we grow older we are taught to settle, to make due, and to forget these childish dreams and fantasies. We are told that it’s time to grow up, be responsible, and fit into society’s mold. Where did we get this contradictory manual to life? How can we tell our children one thing and then expect them to be something completely different when they grow up? Why do we rip away their dreams, hopes, and aspirations and teach them to be nothing more than any Tom Dick and Harry?

We take these wonderful, unbiased, adventurous, and daring minds and we put them in a box. We then constantly replay these messages of conformity until the point where these minds are broken, numb. Until the time when these minds no longer want to push to get out of that box and experience life as it should be; we take this great sense of wonder out of life. We take the sense of adventure and we demote the idea and instead insist that the path that’s been laid out be followed with no questions asked. Don’t dare to be different. Don’t dare to make a change. Dare only to fit into society’s model of what you should be.

It’s a shame that we’ve come to a point where we force-fit our children into this box of society and it’s the acceptable norm. It does not raise any eyebrows because it’s just what is done. I can tell you right now why it is we do these inexplicable things to our children; it’s because the main focus of the world today is on money. You need to get yourself a steady job that’s reliable and predictable so that you can earn a living, get by day-to-day and inevitably your life will come to an end with nothing more to show for it than a steady track record on your resume. It’s a material world and all spirituality has been lost. When I speak of spirituality I don’t speak of religion, I speak of the path that we take within ourselves to know ourselves, our hopes and dreams, and the universe; the deeper connection to everything around us where material items don’t fit into the equation.

One of the main messages I am trying to get through to you with this is that you have been conditioned to not have goals which are your own. To not have dreams which are your own. To not share any goals or dreams that do not fit into the social conformity box. You have been conditioned to be ordinary. It is time for you to reassess. It is time for you to look back at all your childhood dreams and goals and to evaluate whether or not these still apply to your inner self, and if they do then it might be time to finally go for it!

I’d like for you to sit down quietly by yourself and do this exercise. Quiet your mind and forget about reality, forget everything you’ve been told is possible and acceptable. I want you to write down as many outrageous dreams or goals for yourself that you can think of. I want you to visualise yourself a year from now, or five years from now, or how ever far ahead in the future it may be. I want you to visualise what would make you truly happy. List as many goals as you can muster and make them as vivid as possible, then go back and read through them. Do you see a recurring theme? If so this might be the first thing you want to go after.

Now filter; pick out three goals that you will be focusing on from here on out until they are achieved. Make sure you are as honest as possible, after all these are for your eyes only (unless you’d like to share them with someone else).

The more details you can write down about the goals, the better. Cut out any margin for error (by omission) and explain exactly what it is you want.

Use present tense wording to bring that far-out idea to your proverbial doorstep. Here and Now.

As you’re getting more comfortable with the ideas you can now really start thinking on them with an open mind. Walk yourself through a plan of action on how you’re going to go about achieving these goals. It might be easier for you to reverse engineer the problem rather than thinking from the other side of the barrier. Do try to keep the number of steps to a minimum, as they will be easier to remember as you think through them during the course of the day.

Now read them to yourself over and over until you believe it. Take time everyday to read through this list of goals and repeat them to yourself throughout the day. Your mind will start tuning in to look for possibilities and avenues that could lead to the outcomes you desire, but you need to tune your brain out from the conformity state. This is a tool and a tool is useless if it’s not used. You need to stay consistent, say these to yourself everyday and if possible more than once everyday.

Keep in mind that this alone will not be enough to make your goals magically materialize; you need to practice your mind to get out of the mindset of the negative, to stop your self-hate, and you need to start growing a positive relationship with your spiritual self and disconnect from your ego. You can read all the self-improvement books out there and watch all the YouTube videos on self-improvement but none of it will help if you don’t take action. Make the shift, make the choice to be someone who actively improves through learning about yourself.



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